Things that were engineered using my programming poision


A Javascript cheatsheet for beginners. The project explains about Javascript and its functionalities with short examples. It is an attempt to portray the best parts of Javascript that are pretty tough and hard to find. It is a congregation of best practices, language constructs, and other simple yet effective snippets that gives us an essence of how we can harness the best out of the language


A library for Numerical Calculations, computations and statistical operations. The underlying philosophy of the library is to use ND-Array for all the afore mentioned operations and computations. The library is written in Go-lang.


An independent study examining the effects of public understanding of scientific literature on real world. The core idea is to mathematically frame the relationship between scientific literature and the its impact on general public and use machine learning models to prove the established hypothesis.


An NLP library useful for performing complex NLP operations. This library assists with non-traditional NLP operations that are not covered by traditional NLP libraries. Supports Go, Node and Rust.(under-development)


A conversation AI that would be assisting researchers to gain scholarly insights. It analyzing documents, extracts information from images and answers questions based on the knowledge acquired.(under-development)


An implementation of FAT12 system simulating its operations written in C.