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Signalling theory and its application on one’s own ethos
Dec 31, 2018
One minute read

What is signalling theory ?

It is concept in evolutionary biology that focusses on understanding the relationship between the signals given by species and how they are understood by other species. The specific concept I am interested to talk in this blog post is about zahavian signals.

What is a Zahavian Signal ?

Amotz Zahavi, an Israeli evolutionary biologist best known for his work about handicap principle talks about cost signalling in which he describes that for a signal to be honest it has to be costly.

How is it relevant to one’s ethos ?

We as species are relevant in the

NOTE: I try my best to maintain this blog. This year I didn’t manage time effectively to put out my ideas. I have some interesting experiments and thoughts that I wish I could have written over the past few months. I’ll work on them and publish them soon. Happy new year.

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